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Which banks can I send money to?

Your money can be credited to peso accounts of any major Philippine commercial bank or savings bank. We accept remittances for dollar accounts at selected banks.

How much is the minimum and maximum amount I can send?

There is no maximum amount for bank deposits. However, for amounts of at least $3,000, we require documents proving the source of funds to comply with AMLA laws in your country and the Philippines.
Remittances to be delivered door to door within Metro Manila have a limit of P100,000 or $2,000. Door to door US dollar remittances to provincial addresses are not accepted.

How long will it take for my beneficiary to get the money?

Depending on your choice of delivery time, remittances can be delivered within 24, 48 or 72 hours. Remittances from Papua New Guinea and Australia can be received on the same day. Normally, your beneficiary’s bank account is credited between 2 and 4 in the afternoon of that day.
For door-to-door transactions, 24 hours within Metro Manila, 24 to 48 hours in nearby provinces and 48 to 72 hours in the other provinces.

How will my beneficiary know when the money is already in his account?

Beneficiaries are discreetly informed via text message or phone call when the money has been deposited to their accounts.

If I do not have an account in the Philippines or my beneficiary doesn't have an account, how can I send money?

You can send your money via BDO pick up wherein you can assign your beneficiary to claim the money. Your beneficiary only needs to bring with him/her at least 2 valid IDs and once he has the reference number (provided by our Manila office who will call your beneficiary) he/she can already proceed to any Banco de Oro branch or any SM Mall Customer Service.
You can also send money thru Door to Door service. You have the option to have your remittance delivered at your beneficiary’s residence or place of work, provided this is within the area of coverage. Inquire from your remittance officer about the area of coverage, as new areas are included and some previous ones are temporarily restricted due to security concerns.

What if there's a problem with my account (i.e closed account, wrong account name)?

OurYes makes every effort to deliver your remittances on time. In case there are problems encountered regarding your account, representatives from OurYes will contact you or your beneficiary to inform of any problems or to request the correct details and the money will be deposited the very next day. Or in case your account is already closed, your money can be deposited or delivered to another designated account and if none, be refunded.

What is the rate for today?

Please inquire with our local representative in your area to quote you the rate for the day.

Who is the owner of the company?

The company belongs to Our Group of Companies, of which remittance is one of its core businesses. The group is involved in various businesses including construction, manpower supply, airline services, travel agency, medical tourism and food exports.

Where are your offices abroad?

We have 9 offices abroad:
Our offices are owned by Our Group of Companies.

Where is your main office located?

Our Philippine headquarters is located in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila.